Recently our President, Gregory Gomez received an email from a young lady who lives in Europe and saw our IIA Facebook page where Mr. Gomez at times address issues pertinent to Native issues.  We hope you will find this history interesting and will spur you to learn more in your own research.


About our being Apache, My Grandpa used to say…”mijo somos puros mapaches y venemos de arriba del norte”. “Grandson we are pure mapaches and we come from up north.” But many of our other Grandparents said the same thing. When he passed we found out his name was Charles Eli, born in Nueces Co. N of the Rio Grande Valley. Unfortunately as I have said/written in the past, the  Eurocentric people/governments have caused much Generational Trauma since 1492 and professionally and personally I make that statement without “casting stones” at anyone, just Factual Historical Information. 

So why do many Apache people deny they are Apache or Indian, some history may shed light on this history which resulted in Eurocentric Generational Trauma.

  1. When the Catholics arrived in 1492 (they were lost n we discovered them) Cristobal Colon (Columbus) HE stated that he and his crew were treated very “Christian” like and made reference to “En Dios” “Indus, Indios” Indian….
  2.  Keep in mind that the country/government of India did not exist then it was still Hindustan (People of Hindi).
  3. The Spanish and English were at war and it’s impact on the Americas was/is terrible and profoundly negative…Generational Trauma
  4. The first Spanish “conquerors” came to get rich and go home, The French came to get rich, marry or have affairs with our women and leave. The British came to find “religious freedom” take the land and stay. The Russians and other later Europeans fit in those categories.
  5. There was/is a very strong racist, bigoted hatred toward Indigenous by the Europeans in all aspects of the word.
  6. Bartolome de Las Casas, a priest who had spent most of his life working to “Christianize” the “heathens.
  7. Sepulveda the Kings advisor stated that Indios/American Indians are savages, not human so could/should be enslaved and/or killed.
  8. De las Casas using the bible and his personal work in the Americas refuted Sepulveda and “won” the debate. That’s when African slavery to the Americas started.
  9. Unfortunately the reality even to this day is that injustice based on Race especially toward the Indios/Indians still exists by/from many non Indians.


  1.  The colonists beat England and their “mythical”/Reality of ” If God’s on our side we are right and will win” “Manifest Destiny”…etc
  2. Check USA History and see how ‘little time” it took the N. Europeans to take over/steal the USA after 1775 and the 13 colonies were formed
  3. Spain/France controlled much of what is present day USA.
  4. The Revolutionaries in Mexico (mostly Indios/Indians or Mestizos beat the Spanish (16 de Septiembre) and the French (5 de Mayo) and established the “Mexican Government.
  5. The young, land hungry, “manifest destiny” mentality of of the USA looked at the lands France and Mexico claimed and decided to take them by “purchase and or war…SO THEY DID


  1.  The US government/people  started killing or driving out all Indigenous people they could as they moved west. That’s how Oklahoma came to be (Land of the Redman), as long as the grass grows..etc.
  2. Most of the tribes/nations East of the Mississippi River were Removed into Oklahoma.

As the USA expanded west and Indian land was stolen AND Indians put on “Reservations” and “assigned Indian agents, (church or civilians)

The Following Happened.

  1. “ALL the Savages were “Nose Counted” soo the agent/military knew the Indians were not on the “warpath” 
  2. THAT is how the current “system” of Tribal Enrollment Came About “Certificate Degree of Indian Blood” (CDIB), Roll Number…etc.
  3. SO Any and All Indians Who Refused To Go/Stay/Live on Reservations Or Indian Land as in Oklahoma AND WERE NOT Enrolled Could Not Prove To The USA Government They Were/Are “Real” Indians. 
  4. Negoyani also written up in Military History as “Chief Gomez”, who “terrorized” the San Antonio Rd. from the 1840’s to the 1860’s had been given a Spanish name by the First White Men/Spaniards (How Can Our Elder Be A Terrorist When Fighting The Invaders For Our Land and Rights)
  5. He and many other Apaches in present day Texas, NM, AZ and Northern Old Mexico refused to become Federal Indians and Did Not Go To Present day Mescalero or Oklahoma.
  6. So people descended from these Indian people and Practice The Traditional Ways Can Not “prove” they are “real Indians/Apache” the white man’s way.
  7. The US government policies/regulations/laws, and Church “Christianity” is another way/means that many of our Indian family and other people are not Allowed to be who we are in our Traditions and Spiritual Culture.
  8. Years ago the SDA church convened a National meeting at the College in Keene, Tx of American Indian men who were Clergy/Pastors, Educators, Administrators…etc. It was headed by Elder/Pastor Joe Espinoza who is originally from NM but was working at the National/International General Conference in Maryland. I was invited by Elder/Pastor Max Martinez from Dulce, NM (Jicarilla, Apache) and present some information:

Several people presented at that event.

  1. Me
  2. Elder/Pastor Elias Galvan Gomez
  3. Dean of Students at SUC, Keene, Tx. Eleazar “Elle” Galvan Gomez
  4. Elder/Pastor Carl Gomez Raymond


There is much, much more  to share but time, energy and technology only allows this for now.

With Love and Prayers


Grandpa, Grregory Muniz Gomez Sandoval Galvan © 2016