IIA Vice President – Tanya Bond

Tanya Bond came to IIA through an accidental encounter that Creator controlled. Secretary, Annette Anderson was taking a quilt to a long-arm quilter in Wylie. When the quilter asked the story behind the quilt (a donation to our annual event for a raffle) it triggered this yell. “Hey Tanya, you have to come in here and meet this lady,” in walks this beautiful, obviously full-blood Native woman. We hit it off immediately, and Tanya and our organization developed a deep bond. Tanya’s story is one of resilience and strength. She is an adoptee. Her birthmother is Dine’ (Navajo) and her birthfather is Zuni. Her adoptive parents, fortunately, were loving people. However, we know that is not always the case so we are blessed to have this wonderful person join us in the VP role. Her gift is working with children. This has always been where her heart is so she is our Cultural Path leader for children’s educational activities. We pride ourselves in developing authentic and culturally appropriate opportunities for children. Tanya leads those efforts with great poise and love. You will know when you meet Tanya that she sparkles on the inside just as much as she sparkles on the outside.

Annette and Tanya sneaking away on a train in Ft. Worth
Catching a meal after a school presentation