Community Volunteers

The Indigenous Institute of the Americas is a fun, labor-intensive, volunteer-driven, action-packed event. Maybe you or an organization you know can help share your talent for this dynamic American Indian Indigenous celebration of our many cultures. It is genuinely an Intertribal experience like no other. Through volunteerism, you will meet individuals and families representing Native people from across the Americas.  

IIA provides meaningful cultural education experiences 365 days a year; we offer training, consultations, experiential workshops, and educational materials to anyone who requests our help. We want to ensure that schools, corporations, nonprofits, higher education, and our community families have the resources to share accurate knowledge about our Native community.

Your volunteering means a lot to our community. Sadly, we are small in numbers. Our younger volunteers are always spread thin, and our elders are not healthy enough to lift and carry, so we need allies with knowledge and muscle to make this happen. If you have ever attended our event, you know it looks like a lot of fun for our volunteers.  

Please consider joining us; don’t be shy. Within an hour of volunteering, you will be like family and know your way around…….. until we give you a new task! Everyone is welcome, we need volunteers of every background, sitting, standing, cutting, lifting, typing, calling, writing….. we need it all.