Monday, December 4, 2023

Food Vendors

In 2022 our event had 14,000 in attendance. We are expecting many more this year so plan accordingly. We have volunteers camping at the venue so all meals can be served if you choose to be open before and after the event. Our event is on the City of Cleburne Texas property so all food safety required by the city will be respected. Information Pamphlets can be located at this link to the City of Cleburne Health Services.


Health Services Inspectors from the City of Cleburne can come at any time to be sure food safety is maintained at our event. All food vendors must review the temporary food handlers pamphlet which can be found at this link: temporary food handlers pamphlet. After reviewing the pamphlet you must use this link to log in to the City of Cleburne and apply for a temporary food handlers license. We need this to be done no later than one week before the event, otherwise, it could impact your ability to participate. We respect the food safety rules instituted by the City. These rules protect our food vendors, organization, the Museum, and the thousands of attendees. Our volunteers and Food Vendor Liaison have no power to change any rules or regulations instituted by the City so please address any questions or concerns to the Health Department. The City of Cleburne is one of our biggest supporters so please be courteous in your interactions with employees.

To apply as a food vendor use the Google form button at the top of the page. The IIA will confirm your booth reservation after reviewing your Google form application and the food items for sale.

If you have pictures of your food dishes, your tent or truck, your facebook page, etc. we will advertise them on our social media accounts. You can update your menu until March 15th. The first food vendors to reserve and pay for a booth get priority on what items they sell. The application/booth fee is 100% refundable should the event be canceled.  One food vendor booth is $250 after 1/1/2023.

We want our food vendor menus to build on American Indian and Indigenous foods from the Americas.  We prefer food items such as frybread, Indian tacos, sofkee, three sisters’ soup, stews, buffalo dishes, pemmican, wild rice dishes, succotash, grape dumplings, potato, posole, roasted corn, squash, blue corn dishes, poyha, etc. Also, traditional drinks such as hot cocoa, Aguas Frescas  Atole, Blue Corn, and Herbal Teas.

FYI: Cleburne has great grocery and supply stores available for purchasing your supplies.

If you would like to support one of our sponsors consider buying from:

H.E.B. 600 W HENDERSON CLEBURNE, TX 76033-4830

The venue is only 15 minutes from the nearest store, hotels are even closer with a hospital only 4 miles away. It will be easy for your crew to get in and out of this venue. IIA will be supplying admission wristbands to up to 5 people on your team; let us know how many bands you will need on your application. Please include children or relatives that will be coming to support you. 

The application/booth fee is 100% refundable should the event be canceled.  One food vendor booth is $250 after 1/1/2023.

Payment may be made by cash, check PayPal, or Square card online. You can pay a $25 booth deposit and the remainder of the booth fee can be paid using this link. All payments must be completed by March 15th unless other arrangements have been made with the IIA Liaison.

Checks can be made to the “Indigenous Institute of the Americas”

Mail to:


3908 Coronado Drive

Plano, TX 75074

Venue Information

This is an outdoor event, so you will need to plan on providing your own setup. Booths must bring their own equipment, i.e., tents, trailer, tables, and chairs. Electricity is available at this venue! We recommend you have insurance for your equipment as IIA and The Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum venue will not be responsible for any damage due to weather or other circumstances. This will be a rain-or-shine event. Please plan accordingly. In the event of bad weather, patrons will have tents for eating. For further information, please email us at

Venue address:  

Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum

101 Chisholm Trail

Cleburne, TX 76033