In 2014, our organization became a Texas nonprofit. We have a small Council of four voting members. Our organization is different than other Native organizations. We are surrounded by people in what we call Circles. These are the community of knowledge-keepers that we listen to and respond to for our organization’s activities, programs, and actions. We have a Circle of Elders, a Circle of Youth, a Circle of Advisors, and Spiritual leaders. We are proud to be an organization that recognizes the similarities and differences between Indigenous peoples of the Americas, from the North to the South. Our organization also has an Ambassadors Circle. These International Ambassadors help share with us the perceptions of American Indian people across the globe. They become our communicators outside the US to share the truth about our lives and experiences. We also benefit from learning about the Indigenous people of other continents.

Gregory G Gomez
President, Gregory G Gomez, MSSW Mescalero and Lipan Apache
Vice President Tanya Bond Dine’ and Zuni
Constance Hargis
Treasurer Constance Hargis, CPA Choctaw and Cherokee
Secretary, Annette Anderson, LCSW Chickasaw Cherokee