The Indigenous Institute of the Americas is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization located in Plano, Texas.  Our all volunteer Council, Advisors, Elders, Youth and International Ambassadors are  Indigenous people representing North and South America  or have a deep conviction to learning about  and preserving our history and life ways. 

Our Council is dedicated to collecting, preserving and disseminating accurate information about the diversity and similarities of our cultures.

Our organization is recognized for its family interactive learning programs.

  • Seed Ambassador program
  • Indigenous Grocery Store ( Neh Sha Market),
  • Mobile Educational Community training (MEC training)
  • Mobile Educational Displays (MED)
  • Cultural skill workshops

15TH Annual event – Santa Fe Days in the Park – POSTPONED UNTIL 2020

THE Sandy Lake Amusement Park venue was sold fall of 2018.  We are so grateful to the Frank Rush family for hosting our event for several years.  We are now  in the process of searching  for another venue.  If you are interested in our event coming to your community, let us know.   Contact Chairperson, Annette Anderson iiamericas.org@gmail.com

THE Santa Fe Days in the Park event brings in over 8,000 visitors from the 4 state area.  we have over 70 outstanding Native American Indian artists reflecting Tribal Nations from across United States.

NATIVE American Indian Artist registration, volunteer opportunities, food vendor applications and Community Partners/ Donors can contact us by email, Facebook at Santafedays, Facebook at IIAmericas, or phone. 

OUR Santa Fe Days annual event provides our organization with the opportunity to bring our Purpose, Mission and Vision together so that the entire community can learn about our culture in fun creative ways.