Youth Pow Wow Registration

We are so excited to have you and your family register early for our John Taylor Youth Pow Wow. Cash prizes will be for all divisions including a small money prize and special gift bags for our Tiny Tots. We hope that this Pow Wow will be an opportunity to bring together the community in support of our youth. We have activities for all ages throughout the 3-day weekend so feel free to come early and stay late.

Dance Rules:

 1. Dancers in the dance competition must register for one (1) category only; once Grand Entry begins Saturday at 10:15 am, registered dancers cannot switch categories. Please register in the appropriate age group. The contestant must show proof of age if questioned by the Powwow Committee. Youth who have graduated from high school may compete up to age 25 with proof of attendance in post-high school education of any kind.  (example, technical college, college, certification programs, Continuing Education) – Proof can be a picture of a report card, a picture of student identification, tuition payment, etc.  Attach to this form and we will let you know if we need more information -all information will be kept confidential.

2. Point system will begin at Grand Entry.  Dancers must be in full regalia to receive Grand Entry points. Exceptions will be made and points given for those fulfilling duties at drums. Dancers must also be in appropriate regalia during all dance contests.

3. Dancers should be ready to compete when their categories are called. Dance categories may be combined with other categories per Committee discretion dependent on the number of registered dancers in that category. Should the dance category be divided into groups during a dance contest, a dancer must stay in the group to which he/she is assigned. Deductions for late entrances during the contest will be made at the discretion of the dance judges.

4. Should any major part of the regalia (bells, bead/quillwork, hair ties, bustle, eagle feather, etc.) fall to the ground during a dance contest, the dancer must disqualify him/herself voluntarily or will be dismissed by the Arena Director. Small items such as hackles will not be considered grounds for disqualification.

5. Royalty may not wear sash and crowns during their dance contests.

6. The Powwow is a drug-free and alcohol-free event. Should there be any suspicion of intoxication by any registered dancer, whether by alcohol or drug use, the dancer will be disqualified from the whole Powwow Dance Competition.

7. Family members of dancers may not judge the dance contest in which a relative is competing; this may result in the dismissal of the dancer for that contest session.

8. Any questions regarding the dance contest should be directed to Arena Director prior to the conclusion of the session. If still not resolved, the Powwow Committee shall be notified of any concerns.  All decisions made by the Powwow Committee are final.

9. Dancers must display good sportsmanship at all times. Misconduct and unprofessional behavior may result in the deduction of points or disqualification from the entire Powwow dance competition.

10. Scores of the Powwow Tabulation Group are final.

All dancers and their family members will get free wristbands so the Pow Wow has no hidden fees. PLUS! Free camping is available. Help us by registering early.