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15th annual Santa Fe Days in the Park   has been postponed until 2020  due to the closing of  Sandy Lake Amusement Park,..  The Rush family were so wonderful to us, we will miss them a great deal.  Please send us an email to make sure we keep you informed of the latest information.   


For Immediate Release

Indigenous Institute of the Americas

Contact: Tanya Bond, Vice President, Jessica Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator


Phone: 469-626-8099


Dear Friends, Patrons, Native Artists, Food Vendors, and Special Guests of Santa Fe Days in the Park,

This week, Frank and Vickie Rush, the owners of Sandy Lake Amusement Park in Carrollton, TX, informed the Indigenous Institute of the Americas that they have sold their 60-acre property on Sandy Lake Road, which they have owned and operated for 48 years. Due to this unexpected news, our annual Native American Indian arts and culture event, Santa Fe Days in the Park, will be postponed until 2020, where the event will be held in a new venue.

The Indigenous Institute of the Americas is currently seeking out a venue in the Dallas – Fort Worth area that will be compatible with our cultural values and has the amenities to continue our vast Native American artist vendors market, exhibition dancing, Neh Sha market, cultural demonstrations, stickball playing and children’s cultural path. During the interim until 2020, the IIA will continue our initiatives such as the Seed Ambassador Program, which educates children and families about the importance of preserving original, indigenous crops for food sustainability. Additionally, the committee is available for collaborating on other events, hosting educational initiatives and presentations, and providing cultural presentations to schools and businesses.

Formerly, Santa Fe Days took place in the Old Downtown Carrollton until 2014, when the area was scheduled for a long-awaited transformation by the City of Carrollton, while the I-35 highway corridor was under construction causing traffic, parking, and accessibility concerns. The event was welcomed by the Rush family at Sandy Lake Amusement Park in 2014, and would continue to be a pillar for cultural education for many DFW families for four incredible years. Our community was treated like family, much as the Rush Grandfather and Father did at the Craterville Amusement Park with the Southwest Tribes in Oklahoma.  We will greatly miss the warmth of the Rush family as well as the beauty of their land, which they cherished and protected with great care.

Looking to the future, the IIA plans to keep the community at large informed of their progress in locating a new venue to host the 15th Anniversary, Santa Fe Days in the Park. The theme, “We Are All Going Home to Texas,” “Kiwat natsiwadisah natihsis,” (Caddo) will feature mother and son, Jicarilla Apache, Featured Artists, Irene and Damon Neal. Additionally, the event’s focus will honor Texas Native American Indian tribes and those who have laid the foundation for the generations of Native American families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The IIA would like to welcome community input on potential venues,  and have opened up a Facebook group for the thoughts and recommendations of community members. Please email to be put on the list.

Thank you for your continued support,

Annette Anderson,

Chairperson for Santa Fe Days in the Park

A Scheduled Event of the Indigenous Institute of the Americas


“Santa Fe Days IN THE PARK” is a scheduled event of the Indigenous Institute of the Americas, a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization, conducted by the Santa Fe Days Organizing Committee.


Artists must be enrolled members or designated Tribal Artisans of a United States or Canadian federally recognized tribe, officially “State” recognized tribe or Alaskan Corporation.  Proof of eligibility must be provided as a Certificate of Indian Blood Card (CIB/CDIB), tribal enrollment number and/or Secured Certificate of Indian Status Card (CIS/SCIS).  Santa Fe Days in the Park makes every effort to adhere to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 and amendments which regulates Indian produced products.  We want patrons to experience the beauty and expertise of traditional and contemporary Native American Indian arts and crafts. We ask all artists to help us achieve this goal by honoring a commitment to uphold the highest level of authenticity and artisanship. Mass produced items made by outside sources cannot be sold at this event.


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