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15th annual Santa Fe Days in the Park          

“Santa Fe Days IN THE PARK” is a scheduled event of the Indigenous Institute of the Americas, a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization, conducted by the Santa Fe Days Organizing Committee.


Artists must be enrolled members or designated Tribal Artisans of a United States or Canadian federally recognized tribe, officially “State” recognized tribe or Alaskan Corporation.  Proof of eligibility must be provided as a Certificate of Indian Blood Card (CIB/CDIB), tribal enrollment number and/or Secured Certificate of Indian Status Card (CIS/SCIS).  Santa Fe Days in the Park makes every effort to adhere to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 and amendments which regulates Indian produced products.  We want patrons to experience the beauty and expertise of traditional and contemporary Native American Indian arts and crafts. We ask all artists to help us achieve this goal by honoring a commitment to uphold the highest level of authenticity and artisanship. Mass produced items made by outside sources cannot be sold at this event.

Should you have any questions regarding the Act, please contact the Indian Arts and Crafts Board at 1-888-278-3253.

For additional help contact Alicia Crook – Artist Liaison   214-406-3432

BOOTH FEE:  SAVE between $50 to $100 BY APPLYING BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2018


10 X 10 booth   $200.00 (before 12/31/18)   (SAVE $50)                     $250.00 (after 12/31/18)

10 X 20 booth   $375.00 (before 12/31/18)   (SAVE $100)                   $475.00 (after 12/31/18)

EVENT LOCATION:                                                         PARK PHONE NUMBER:  972-242-7449

Sandy Lake Amusement Park                               Owners:  Frank and Vickie Rush

1800 Sandy Lake Rd Carrollton, TX 75006

Dates and Time:

Saturday March 16, 2019 10 am – 5:30 pm

Sunday March 17, 2019 10 am – 5 pm

A booth reservation as an artist for 2019 will be confirmed for our American Indian arts and cultural event once we receive and approve the following:

  1. Completed Application
  2. Official Tribal Documentation: Proof of eligibility must be provided as a Certificate of Indian Blood Card (CIB/CDIB), tribal enrollment number and/or Secured Certificate of Indian Status Card (CIS/SCIS) – The artist must be the person with documentation.
  3. Description of art works to display & 2 or 3 pictures (not required if a repeat vendor). Email pictures to
  4. All early booth fees must be paid by 12/31/18 to receive the discount. Regular booth fees must be paid by March 5, 2019 in order to guarantee your booth space. We prefer payment by check to avoid processing fees. Write checks to the “Indigenous Institute of the Americas”.

If online payment is needed we do offer payment through Square up, credit card, PayPal or debit card on our website:

Send application and payment to:

Annette Anderson/Alicia Crook

Indigenous Institute of the Americas

1700 Alma Drive, Ste 315

Plano, Tx 75075

Artists should have their items available for review at 9:30 am on Saturday March 16, 2019. There will be a judging for “Best Booth Presentation” by an independent judge or judges.  Judging is on the artistry of their craft,  booth  display and artist interaction/education with visitors. The First Place winner will receive $350, 2nd Place $250 and 3rd Place $150.


Electrical outlets are available on a limited basis. Please notify Alicia Crook at 214-406-3432 or email her at to reserve an outlet.   Persons with medical equipment requiring electricity will be given priority. We suggest you bring an outdoor extension cord as we do not provide them.

Please notify us if you have special medical accommodations or health concerns of which you would like us to be aware.  On your application, you may also add an emergency contact if that would be helpful.  We consider our artists to be the foundation of our event and we want to make every effort to assist you.

Saturday morning from 10am to noon is very hectic for the Artist Liaison (Alicia Crook) and we hope you will be very patient while we get everyone settled into their booth space.  Please let Alicia know if you need any assistance– on the day of the event, text works best because of noise (214-406-3432).  Please be sure and leave your name and booth number on the text message so she can find you. A turquoise shirt person can also send out a HAM radio request to find her if she is away from the artist pavilion.

We are an all-volunteer organization, so everyone is there because of their commitment to you and the event.


We highly recommend Dallas Carrollton Courtyard and Conference Center Hotel approximate 3 miles from the event.



TELEPHONE:  972-446-000

Near September 2018 we will have a hotel link online for discount hotel rates at the Dallas Carrollton Courtyard and Conference Center Hotel.

No camping or RV overnights are allowed on the park property, however, across the street from our event is an RV park and you are welcome to contact them regarding availability.   Sandy Lake RV Resorts: 844-729-6715.

Santa Fe Days is an outdoor event with approximately 8500 attendees. Artist booths are located at the #6 pavilion (see map). Should we have more artists than booth spaces under #6 pavilion, we will use an additional pavilion or canopy. Booth location at the pavilion will be based on the date your application is received.  If you are a repeat artist, please notify us if you wish to have the same booth as the previous year. The park is on private property and will open no earlier than 9 am for Artist Set-up and all Artists must be packed up and outside the property by 6 pm on Sunday.


*Our organization is an all-volunteer nonprofit that relies on donations and year-round fundraisers to bring quality entertainment and education to our event.

We can only afford to assist with one entrance per day for 2 people as we must reimburse the park for your entrance fees. The park owners, Frank and Vickie Rush give us use of the entire park and its amenities for free, so we feel the entrance fee is very reasonable. If you would like to support us by paying for park entrance on your own ($2.00 cash per person) we will be grateful and appreciative, but we understand that every penny counts when traveling across the country and respect the financial strain on our artist families.  Remember the $2.00 park fee applies every time you leave or enter the park each day. * (want to know the history of this policy?)  Also, digital copies of the park pass are not accepted – please use a printed copy (black and white accepted).

The main gate will open for artists at 9am on Saturday and Sunday. RV’s come in the bus entrance and after unloading can park in the designated bus parking.  Again, everyone must have $2.00 cash for entry fee or give one Artist gate entry pass per person to the attendant.  This will help keep the traffic flowing.

Parking is Free! Booths have excellent access; you can drive up directly and unload.  Parking is close-by.  You can bring your own food and drink, no alcohol allowed. We want you to save money and feel at home.

Picnic tables with attached benches are available for free. We have plenty of picnic tables but please reserve your picnic table by March 5, 2019 so that we can make sure the table is in its designated spot ready for you Saturday morning.  If you would like to bring your own canopy to place under the pavilion, or if you need folding tables and chairs, you will need to bring your own.

The park owners live on site and the entire area is fenced and locked at night for security. Feel free to leave your display up overnight at your own discretion but we recommend taking precautions to protect your display from weather. We also  recommend you have insurance for your equipment as IIA cannot be responsible for any damage from circumstances or weather.

You are welcome to bring your family members, it is a very fun, safe park for children. There are 7 kiddies rides, 5 family rides and 8 thrill rides (nothing scary like big theme parks).  Tickets are inexpensive.

* A little about our hosts, Frank and Vickie Rush. The Sandy Lake Amusement Park is family owned and operated since 1971.   When we first met the Rush family in 2014, our organization was welcomed with open arms.  We didn’t know at the time that the Rush family history intersected with our Native American Indian history in a very personal way.  The grandfather of Frank Rush was selected by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1907 to help bring the last surviving American Bison from the New York Bronx Zoo to Cache, Oklahoma, and what was then called the Wichita Forest and Game Preserve (now the Wichita National Wildlife Refuge) . After Granddad Rush retired from the forestry service he opened the Craterville Amusement park in 1923. The Rush family became close friends with the Native tribes in the area, to the extent that on May 25, 1924, Granddad Rush signed a document with tribal leader Horse, Buffalo, Sauppetty, George Cable and others known as the Craterville Park Covenant.   This covenant sanctioned the use of Craterville Amusement Park for the annual Agricultural Indian Fair (later named Comanche fair) to be led and run by only Native people. This annual event continued into the 1930’s when it was moved to Anadarko, Ok. and renamed to Indian Exposition. OK.  When our event came to Sandy Lake Amusement park we felt it continued the circle between Native people and the Rush family legacy.

**$2.00 admission- Many years ago the Rush family discovered that their park was experiencing the impact of drug and alcohol by park visitors.  People would leave the park and return, obviously having partaken while outside the grounds.  The family decided to try a creative solution, it changed its policy and charged 2.00 every time someone came back and forth in the gate.  Viola!  Problem solved, a happy, family friendly, healthy environment.  That is why we respect the policy and make no complaints.