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2014 Native American Dollar Reverse Designs Reviewed (Photos)

At their most recent meeting, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) reviewed the seven design candidates provided by the United States Mint for the reverse of the 2014 Native American Dollar. The theme for the design is the Native American hospitality which helped to ensure the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

The Native American $1 Coin Program was authorized under Public Law 110-82 and requires coins to be issued with annually rotating designs honoring of Native Americans and the important contributions made by tribes and individuals to the development and history of the United States. For each year of the series, the Glenna Goodacre depiction of Sacagawea and child has appeared on the obverse, while the reverse has carried the design for the given theme.

While introducing the design candidates, a representative for the United States Mint informed the CCAC of the preferences of other groups who had previously reviewed the candidates. The National Congress of the American Indian (NCAI) had expressed their preference for both design candidates #1 and #2. The first design commemorates the relationship between the Nez Perce and Lewis and Clark through the offer of horses. The generosity and hospitality were instrumental in the expedition’s quest to explore the American west. The second design depicted the friendship and mutual respect that developed between Lewis and the Mandan Chief. The NCAI did recommend some alterations to the designs. For #1, they requested that the link of the horses ears be corrected. For #2, they recommended that the pipe be removed, based on its relation to ceremonial and religious use.

The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs had preferred design #5, which depicts a Mandan woman offering provisions of fish, corn, roots, and gourds with her village in the background. The concept is intended to symbolize the Native people’s hospitality and willingness to provide aid and support for the expedition.

Read more and see all of the coin designs at http://www.whitewolfpack.com/2013/08/2014-native-american-dollar-reverse.html?m=1.

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